About CrashBandicoot4616Edit

CrashBandicoot4616 is an arabic person who lives in the United Arab Emarites which in the middle east and is qualified to join MultiSpeedruns Premier League and MultiSpeedruns World Cup tournaments. So, he is a regular person as every person in the tournaments like heydavid17, lylebandicoot93, crashbandispyro12, etc.Edit

Why did you call yourself "CrashBandicoot4616"?Edit

Well, I called myself as this name because I couldn't think of a good name like any other of my friends have since when I made this account I was like 9-10 years old x)... So yeah every child loves crash bandicoot as of this time as well! So why not? But anyone can call me as my nickname which is Abdul.Edit

About MultiSpeedruns Premier League (MSPL)Edit

MultiSpeedruns Premier League as know as MSPL is a tournament which is created by Tom Hillary know as GnastyGnorc97 who came up with the idea for different taste of speedruns and fun for people have and enjoy. So I am qualifying for is to have and enjoy the different varieties of speedruns and social stuff others like to share and what not.

About MultiSpeedruns World Cup (MSWC)Edit

MultiSpeedruns World Cup is an upcoming tournament which was created and camed up with the hosts: LyleBandicoot93, HeyDavid17 and ThePlatformKing. Basically, these 3 people came up with the idea of another variety of fun for people to enjoy even more. The tournament will begin in the 31st of July 2012. So, goodluck everyone and may the best player win and have fun.